The film industries across the world have a uniqueness and essence of their own. The films that are produced by filmmakers globally or regionally create a larger or at least a minimal impact on the audiences. The cinema has a wider reach than any other medium of entertainment. To celebrate the beauty and importance of cinema and films, there have been so many renowned film festivals that are organized worldwide.

The biggest film festivals in India like Jagran Film Festival not only focus on taking the legacy of cinema forward but also nurture the careers of the upcoming talented artists and filmmakers. These filmmakers get a major opportunity at these film festivals to connect and collaborate with industry experts and gain knowledge and values from them.

Although there are festivals that cover all the aspects and types of cinema and films from throughout the films, there are different other types of film festivals as well that either focus on a particular genre, or type or are for a limited set of audiences and communities. 

Various Types of Film Festivals around the world

Let’s see what are the different types of film festivals that are organized across the world.

International Film Festival

These types of film festivals are the most famous film festivals around the world since they have an international presence and value. International film festivals are the most prestigious of all the film festivals and provide the best experience and vast exposure to filmmakers and artists.

The best kind of film festival for emerging filmmakers and independent artists who deserve an opportunity to get recognition and appreciation for their work and talent.

The awards and accolades presented at these festivals are very valuable for the artists. The critics’ feedback received on the films that got screened is of utmost importance for any filmmaker as these critics are the most experienced and knowledgeable people from the industry who know every inch of perfect filmmaking.

The Jagran Film Festival in India is one international film festival that not only encourages new talent to come forward and showcase their work but also fosters the great practices of community building amongst national and international filmmakers and audiences. The festival screens films from so many countries and cities around the world in multiple different languages at the festival. The festival allows films from all genres to be showcased and provide a genuine review to the filmmakers, whether they're established or new.

Regional Film Festival

Regional film festivals are those that are organized for showcasing films from a particular country or a regional film industry. They’re held typically on a smaller scale and do not have a worldwide presence. The main purpose of such regional film festivals is to celebrate and honor the talent from the regional film industry and industry professionals mainly get the chance to discover new talent at these festivals. 

Short Film Festival

This kind of film festival is primarily focused on screening and acknowledging short films. Short films are generally films that are less than 30 minutes in duration. These short films are very important for the film industry and its future. They help in conveying an important issue in less time yet leave a greater impact on the minds and hearts of the audiences. 

Some film festivals highly value short films and even if they are not completely dedicated to short films, have a separate section fully devoted to honoring exceptional short films. JFF highly gives importance to short films and willfully screens the deserving short films during the festival under various categories.

Genre-Based Film Festival

Genre-specific film festivals, as the name suggests are based on a particular genre or theme. These genres can be romantic movies, rom-com, documentary films, fiction, horror, comedy, drama, science, social issues-based films, etc. The festivals typically focus on acknowledging the filmmakers and their films from the chosen genre and provide recognition and feedback for the same. The awards and accolades are also distributed depending upon the various factors that the critics consider while picking the best films out of the lot.

Student Film Festival

Student film festivals are film festivals wherein the films produced by film and media students are showcased.The purpose of attending such film festivals for established artists and industry experts is to discover budding skilled artists and provide exposure to these filmmakers.