Nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we attend film festivals, has been drastically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many festivals have had to switch to a virtual format due to social distancing policies in place, providing screenings and events online rather than in person.  Many film festivals attempted to reach their audiences during the pandemic by hosting virtual film festivals on the Internet. Jagran Film Festival (JFF)was one of the festivals that was able to maintain its popularity during the pandemic. Even in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, JFF endeavors to keep a cheerful attitude by hosting film festivals in virtual form. 

There are several advantages to experiencing a festival from the comfort of your home, even though it might not be quite the same as going in person. In this blog post, we'll look at a few benefits of going to a virtual film festival.

What Is A Virtual Film Festival?

Virtual film festivals are more well-liked now that many of them have turned to the internet as a result of the epidemic. Even though virtual Film Fare Festivals, might lack the vigor and passion of real ones, they might offer other advantages like easier accessibility, better money management, and a larger audience. Many online film festivals allow participants to participate from the comfort of their homes, enabling people who otherwise would not have been able to attend to take part.

Advantages Of Online Film Festivals

Online festivals may have at first seemed odd, even sacrilegious, but the move to remote and hybrid models immediately showed one significant benefit over pre-pandemic events.


Convenience is arguably the biggest benefit of going to a virtual film festival. Attendees of physical festivals frequently have to dash between screenings, maneuver through congested venues, and stand in long lines. All of it is gone with a virtual event. Attendees can enjoy films and activities in the convenience of their own homes without worrying about travel, housing, or other logistical issues.


The flexibility that virtual film festivals provide is another benefit. Attendees of live festivals frequently have to make difficult decisions about which films to see because shows sometimes overlap or are scheduled at inconvenient times. However, with a virtual festival, visitors frequently have the option to watch films on their timetable, whether that be during the scheduled screening window or on-demand at a convenient time. This is particularly advantageous for those who are juggling other obligations like a job or childcare.

Availability Of Films