Film festivals across the world are held for celebrating cinematic milestones and appreciating the exceptionally talented artists of the entertainment industry. These film festivals serve as a platform for mainstream as well as independent filmmakers to present their films in front of an extensive audience. The audiences get to discover the diversity of films made by proficient filmmakers from across the world.

A film festival is not just a one-day occurrence that merely includes an ordinary awards ceremony and a few dance performances but they have a lot more to offer! If you are wondering what all events take place at a film festival or what a film festival schedule is, keep reading this blog to know about it all.

Film Festival Schedule

Film festivals are as exciting as they sound. The prominent film festivals are a celebration of cinema and filmmaking. While some festivals are held for a short time, others are held for several days and throughout different cities and states. Jagran Film Festival is one such international film festival that has been crowned as the “biggest traveling film festival”.

The JFF is an extravagant affair that includes sessions like film screenings, panel discussions, masterclasses, celebrity in-conversation rounds, awards, etc. These sessions are held simultaneously one after the other in multiple locations or auditoriums for several days.

Here is a brief for the upcoming film festival schedule of events:

Inauguration and opening of the film festival

The festival opens up with the inauguration ceremony by the selected authorities or celebrities. The film festival’s opening is done by showcasing one of the most anticipated or sought films of the year.

Film Screenings

The screening of films from various categories and genres is scheduled one after the other over the days that the film festival is held. Films from the national film industry, as well as international and regional films by renowned and independent filmmakers, are screened for nearly 1-2 hours per film. Audiences get to witness the magic of filmmaking through exclusive screenings of the wide variety of movies screened.

Panel Discussion or Q&A Session

Panel discussion rounds and question & answer sessions are held during the festival for discussing more in-depth the particular projects and the film industry dynamics. Q&A sessions and panel discussion rounds include journalists, panellists, a host, and the audience. The director, producer, writer, and/or actor sits in front of the audience and explains more about the film that got screened.

In Conversations or Interviews

In-conversation is a one-on-one discussion session wherein the actor, director, writer, singer, or producer gets into a conversation with the host and shares their wisdom and views about the ongoing topic. The in-conversation session is held during the film festival to develop a better understanding and knowledge about the artist and their art. Audiences get an opportunity to learn about their personal and professional life struggles and journey and gain some important lessons from them.


Masterclass is an exclusive session that’s organized at Jagran Film Festival to nurture new talent and teach them something worthy that can help them build their careers in the film industry. Experienced and skilled artists conduct a masterclass wherein they teach the audience about various aspects of filmmaking like what to do, how to do it, what all to consider, what skills or techniques to use etc. 

Competition and Contests

During the festival, multiple competitions or contests like short film contests are organized to keep the enthusiasm going and strike the energy of competitiveness. It helps in motivating the artists to keep bettering themselves. 

Acts, Dances, and Musical Performances

What’s a film festival schedule without some dance and music? There are multiple stunning dances and breathtaking musical performances throughout the festival. There are also a few acts and plays that reflect the true beauty of theatrical art and storytelling.

Awards and Recognition Ceremony

These film festivals are all about recognizing great talent, appreciating them, and motivating them. There are award ceremonies wherein the awards and accolades are given to the deserving ones. The winners are purely chosen based on their raw and original talent and work. This helps even the unrecognized and underappreciated artists to get recognition and appreciation.


A film festival is graced by well-known people from the film industries across the nation and abroad. Reporters and journalists are always eyeing celebrities to take their interviews. It also helps independent artists to grab the mike and share their experiences, their thoughts, their goals, and their techniques of filmmaking, through such interview sessions.


An international film festival schedule typically includes all or most of the above-mentioned events throughout the film festival.


Attending a film festival is always a great opportunity for all aspiring artists who are seeking the right direction and right guide to kick-start their journey in the film industry. It also serves as a global platform for independent and new artists to bring their work in front of the world through and get the required exposure. Film festivals are truly an amazing medium for all movie buffs to witness eclectic films of filmmakers from across the world, in different languages, genres, and varied types